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(A very hot thing for me.) I always loved older naked women. Why?
When I was a boy I love older naked girls to a young man the same & a older man in my 40s the same. It's always been a big turn on for me. When I'm naked & Hot I fantaces a older women watching me or have me clean there house naked or caught me naked outside somewhere like nuded sunbathing or swimming. I like to know older women like younger men like me but can't find? Thanks.
As an "older" woman being 36...at this age we are looking for men that are established in their life/career. Younger men are still into the club scenes etc...and dating many girls, chances are that is why an older woman would not be interested in a young guy such as yourself. My suggestion, enjoy your youth the day will come when you will settle with someone older but dont rush it...trust me.
Was i pissed or was there a naked old women on channel 4 yesterday afternoon?
I was probably still drunk but when i woke up about 12.45pm yesterday afternoon :) was there an old women on channel 4 naked lying on a bed of some sort. If there was what the hell??
You should be so lucky - when I flipped onto C4 at that time I got a naked black bloke of indeterminate age and shape - FULL on !
It was some sort of programme about drawing people - "Life Class".
My 10 year old daughter likes looking at naked women on the internet?
My 10 year old daughter likes watching porn + looking at naked women on the internet.
I am extremely worried. She tells me her friends do it too. Shall I inform their parents or is she just lying to me? Is this normal in a 10 year old (I know it's not.) But why is she doing this?
at that age their curious about things and with the way women are seen on TV she probobly thinks its normal. You should talk to other parents and see what is up you should also talk to her and explain why this is wrong. Plus a parental block could also solve this.
A young girl into "older naked woman?"!!?
a friend of mine spoke to me yesterday and told me about a year or two ago she started getting turned on by naked woman!,more than naked men! she said she is into guys but then again she gets "horny" quicker to naked woman! is this "normal"?? do most women feel this way? is she alone on this matter?
its normal if you're bi...or gay...but whats wrong with that? u should not be concerned for what turns your friend on.
plus according to statistics something like 60% of all women find other women attractive...sexually
the female body (in theory) is more beautiful than male...guys just look like underdecorated x-mass trees!
(see link)--> i like looking more at her than the average guy...
My 11 year old brother looks at naked women?
He always prints out, like, naked greek goddesses, and artwork of naked women. Not like porno Playboy stuff, but artsy stuff.
But that's all he does on his computer all day, is look and print out those women. Is this okay for his age?
Way normal! Just wait, it gets much worse! In a couple of years, you better hide your Barbies. Trust me, from the age of around 11 till about 25 or so, all boys are walking balls of hyperactive hormones!
(I'd keep an eye on your friends, too. He WILL be hitting on them soon.)

My sis is still angry at me. Over 20 years later. I
My BI girlfriend has a older women(52) years old???
I am 23 and my girl is 24, we have been dating for 2 years and I knew she was bi before we got toughter. Anyways...she has always had women around, but know she has a 52 year old mother of 3 in are bedroom. Is that sick or should I just let her do her thing??? I just saw that older women naked and it was a pretty sight. Well kinda. What should I do. Do you knoe of any younger women that like older women???????????????????????????????????…
If you can't handle the fact that she's into an older woman, that is your hang-up. Deal with it or move on.

I'm 22, but there are a couple older women I know that I could go for (not that old, but significantly older).
Is it normal to have sexual fantasies of older women in their 50s?
I love the ones with glasses and grey hair and imagine them naked. Is this normal? Even old 70 year old women I find very attractive. I am 30 by the way.
someone watches a little too much porn. But hey i think older women are hot too. but it clearly depends on how they look. I mean, skin and bones don't cut it with me. thats like making love to skeletor.

you have what is known as a fetish. and its not bad, just as long as you don't go all psycho on it, and stalk older grannies at the super market.
Jean fell down and old women saw me butt naked lol embrassed?
I went out as i need to go see someone. So i just put on some loose jeans and forget to put on my underwear. I walk out the house met my mate and was coming back as i was walking though the alleyway i dropped my phone i went to pick it up and my jean where really lose as i bent over my jean fell to my thights and this old women was behind me what did she think?
She didn't care and she didn't think anything.
By the time a woman is middle-aged she has seen bazillion behinds.
Ladies, Jennifer Anniston just posed "naked" on a magazine cover, are older WOMEN getting more props for beaut?
Than the younger ones. Now Jenn Anniston is getting credit for being
on the Cover of Rolling Stones Magazine I believe. And she looks
absolutely stunning. And if you think about it, for her age, she looks
better than most of her peers that are younger, too. It just seems
that many older women now are being more respected or revered for
their natural beauty. While the younger girls, are just uh, girls. =)
Twenty years ago, a woman in her 40's especially in the entertainment
business, would have been denied and discriminated against for
being older. Now things are very different, and if you are a middle aged
women, you are treated like a novelty, or gold I should say. Which is
so fitting, because you deserve it. Growing old gracefully, I say yes.
Do you think that older women are getting more props for their
beauty than the younger ones are now ?
It might be true that women over 35 are now more respected for their appearance. (And that's a good, encouraging thing if you ask me.)

Since the 1980's, all forms of exercise have become popular options for women to to maintain their figures. In the years prior to the 1980's, women didn't go running or lift weights (many male actors did). They primarily controlled their weight through diet. At around 30 years old, our bodies naturally start having a more difficult time holding on to muscle mass. Someone who exercises is more likely to maintain a more youthful body fat to muscle ratio than someone who only relies upon diet. This goes for men and women. Since actresses have the time and resources to keep themselves in peak condition, it stands to reason that they might actually look more youthful at 39 than their counterparts from the 1950's or 1960's.

That's just my hypothesis. Maybe people are just more open-minded than they were 30 years ago. When it comes to appearance, I somehow doubt it.
How do I get my computer to show the naked women?
My grandson gave me his old computer machine and I want to see the naked women participating in sexual acts, but I can't find them.
What do you suspect there are naked women on the computer? You can always go to My Computer > C: drive and then search for pictures and videos. Or just surf the web for naked women... it will be a lot faster.

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