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What is a good nice friendly town-city for Older-Mature gay men to live at?
I know Palm Springs is, but what about other areas that are not so much a "boys" town exclusively where an older mature gay man can feel welcome and wanted.
Key West is definitely the best.

Miami, San Fran, and Seattle are other amazing options.
Mature gay men: How would you react if she said this to you?
My neighbor is a charming young lady about 50. Yesterday we visited and as I was leaving she hugged me and said, "Let's do this more often. A 70 year old gay man is just what I need in my life now." She seemed entirely sincene.
I'd find it funny, for some awkward reason, and I'd start to laugh (making it more awkward yet). I'd accept her offer, she's charming, and she's open, so why not continue to have good times?

But what you want to know is the reaction, not what you're gonna do. Like I said, I'd find it funny and laugh, because it would be something she said out of the blue and it would have caught me off guard.
What happens to mature gay men?
Nearly 20% of gay seniors have no one to care for them should they become ill, vs. 2% for heterosexual seniors.
2/3 of gay seniors live alone vs. 1/3 of heterosexual seniors.
Gay Life, can be incredibly sad, and depressing, thats why there are a lot of alcoholic gay men..
The lesson of being gay is one about great suffering till the end, quite a tragedy.
I wonder about what will happen to me, I stoppded dating women and switched to men around 23, the longest relationship I have been in was for 6 months, when I was the34, now as I approach 44, I get quite worried and wonder about this same question
Thanks for asking it,
How do I make contact with mature gay men who are interested in CONVERSATION and FRIENDSHIP--NOT SEX?
I live in a rather isolated rural area, so there aren't really any local options. Not sure where to start on the internet considering I am not looking for romantic relationships or sex.
Not possible. As Gay friendship is simply a prelude to Gay sex.
Are modern young gay men more mature than gay men back in the 70', 80's and 90's?
I've noticed a lot of young gay men are now focusing on establishing a good career, home and life earlier rather than rampant partying. They are also taking relationships a lot more seriously and even considering having families. In saying this are young gay men in contemporary society more mature than their counterparts in the eras from the 70's to 90's?
Hard to generalise, though they may be more able to push aside worries about their sexuality and just get on with life, more than generations could've in the 70s - 90s. Maybe it helps them focus more on what they truly want.
What do older strike that, Mature gay men do?
Youth is so temporary.
life is only just beginning out of your 20's. the smart ones have done something with their lives and have more to offer than just looks. youth fades, but stupid is forever.
I would like to start a gay escort service in ny for mature men?
I am a mature gay male who has been taking dates to suppliment my income and would like to find others doing the same in ny
ok well good luck with that
Straight men taking more longer to be mature than gay men?
I have a male cousin who is 17 years old, and he's so immature. I can't stand it. Everything he does bothers everyone. When i was his age, i remember doing nothing what he does now. I was more mature than he was when i was his age. You think it's true?
Absolutely. I agree with you 100%!
To all mature gay men who are serious minded answer please.?
Why is it so very hard to find a masculine, yet affectionate, but still attractive guy who has himself together with no guys, a job, that is spiritually grounded who is looking to spend his life with another man that has himself together. I have tried the clubs, chatlines and none of these got me anywhere. I do not want a buddy with benefits better yet a lover who likes to cuddle up on the couch, one that has a sense of humor, and is educated. I ready to to be with a MAN not a BOY.
Mate, get yourself a couple of flashlights and a shovel, honestly that's the only place you'll ever find a guy like that.
What cruises cater to mature gay men?
I am interested in taking a gay oriented cruise ,,, looking for suggestions
You might try the travel sections of gay publications or websites, e.g. Out magazine. Or do a search on that topic. Or, go to, click on "Cruise Styles" at the top of the page and go to the thread on gay cruising. If you click on "Boards", there is a board under "Special Interest Cruising" that discusses this topic.

The more "mature" cruise lines, aside from whether they are specifically gay-oriented, would be Celebrity and Holland America. Don't know about the "luxury" lines or Azamara, which is somewhat in-between in price. There have been gay men on many of the cruises we've taken on those lines and one of the activities will often be meetings of "Friends of Dorothy" - don't know how well-attended those are or whether they'd appeal to you.

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