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What book or something is this from?
Patty told me that I was crazy. She told me that she couldn't help me and there was no hope. Between my addictions for the boob tube, adderall, and Grey Goose and my OCD there was no hope. I'm left in the dark. The dark, the dark, the dark. I'm terrified of the dark and Jason now runs, and there are so many creeps lurking there that it's just not safe. I'm not safe. I will never be safe because Patty let me down. She gave up on me and my hopes of being okay and being a farmer. I'm so good with plants. My sunflowers grow to be 7 foot tall and the rabbits stay away. I can't think. I'm running out of food stamps and the guyren have eaten all of the cereal up. Walt is never coming back, he made that very clear because he is so scared of cats and I love to meow and drink. Having a problem is different than having an addiction or extreme infatuation with someone or something. I do not have a problem. I don't understand what's wrong with me to have made him walk out. We're perfect for each other! We've known each other from our first breaths! Our mothers are sisters and we have all of the same family and it's just perfect! I don't know why he left, I don't know, I just don't know. There is a ******* rat in the attic and it just scurries and Walt isn't here to catch it. I hear it all night long as I'm trying to sleep. I can't ever sleep. My insomnia... My insomnia drives me crazy already and the rat just keeps scurrying and there are streets to be walked. Thank you for allowing me to write you, Sophie. Although it seems like I have completely given up, I haven't. You will know when that happens. You'd find me in the garden trying to talk to the sunflowers with my telepathic mind powers. That is exactly when you will know. I have to go find Gerald now. I haven't seen him for a few days. So ta ta for now, I will write to you in half an hour. Goodbye.

I have just written to Sophie. I just heard on the weather channel that it is going to rain. I cannot afford for it to so much as drizzle. Why? Well... Last night I drank a bottle of Grey Goose, thought the parrot was a mouse and begun chucking batteries. Chucking batteries at the damn thing. He is against the window and now I don't have a window. All of my medical records are right next to it and the snow globes are as well. With my luck a huge bolt of lightening would zap at them because there are tips of metal rods from the neighbors clothes lines inside of them. And that will catch the curtains on fire as well and they are such nice curtains. Yes, yes, they are lacey with the blue fringe. No, I don't think Walt is coming back. And Gerald left. He is only four years old and I haven't seen him for days. I am beginning to worry. Grey Goose? Yes, I drink it all the time. Alcoholic? You think I am a ******* alcoholic?! I am not an alcoholic! I do not have a problem and I do not need help! There is a difference between a problem and being in love with something or someone. And I just happen to love to drink. It makes me happy. What is so wrong with being happy? NOTHING! ******* NOTHING! I do not run from my problems! No, Patty quit on me because SHE is ******* psycho! NOT ME! NOT ME! You know what, Frank?! YOU KNOW WHAT?! **** YOU! **** YOU! There is nothing wrong with me and the guyren like the cereal and the mouse scurrying doesn't bother me anymore because I realize he has a life and needs to scurry because that is what mice do and I'm better off without Walt because all he did was sit and weave baskets and he never listened to me and I know that he is deaf but he could still at least pretend. There is nothing wrong with me or the way that I do and handle things. I know this because if I were to have completely lost it the sunflowers will have started wilting.

Harold! It's been so terribly long! How are the guyren? And that looney drunk wife of yours? I don't understand how you can be oblivious to all of the Grey Goose bottles, you know she has a problem. You need to get her help! She's distracting the neighbors and no one in this neighborhood can get any sleep... You know why? She meows on the streets at night! Yes... She roams the streets at night hanging lingerie on the trees meowing like a cat in heat! What is that about? WHAT IS IT ABOUT, HAROLD? Do you know what it does to me? Do you know where it has me going? To see Patty! Do you know who Patty is? She is my ******* psychiatrist! I have to go everyday for five and a half hours! I can't even work! The guyren are eating cereal! That's all! And we buy them with food stamps ever since Walt left! FOOD STAMPS! FOOD STAMPS! Yeah, he left me. Said I was psycho and got too drunk off of Grey Goose every night and roamed the streets meowing like a cat in heat.

Edna! It's been 30 something years since I've seen you! How have you been? Good? That is so good to hear! How is that pathetic cheating husband of yours? Still running around? I don't know why you put up with him, I really don't. He bea
one thing i'm pretty certain of is that it is not from a book published by any reputable firm - it is just not anywhere near good enough writing for a publisher to even consider

my guess is that you read this rather poor excerpt on some fanfiction or chat site
I feel like getting drunk, hard liquor or beer ,witch one works best when im stressed the **** out?
changing jobs going back to school ,guys moving out , car broke down ,dog broke hes leg cat hasn't come back the only thing going right is my wife.she thinks i should get **** faced what u think
Neither. Try a couple glasses of wine and a good cut of steak if you want to lose the stress, and it is probably cheaper than getting wasted. If you do go that route, though, go top shelf.
My Wife and Sex..........?
My wife and I got drunk the other night and we made love like 10 times in 1night and during love making my wife asked me to **** her in *** which she never asked for before and did for a little too long and next morning she was bleeding and I took her to the ER and they said what we did was illegal, and I feel bad about it. My mom found out about it 'cause she is nurse works at the hospital and called my wife a whore and i can't take sides. My wife now is mad 'cause the whole family knows about it.
Anal sex illegal?

I kinda doubt that...but you said "You cant take sides"

A good husband ALWAYS takes his wifes side. No matter what. When you married her...she bacame number one. So you need to tell your mother and the rest of your family to back off. This is NOT their business.

If I was your wife Id be pissed too, that you arent standing up against them.
My wife's previous (marriage before) sex story and her character? Should i love her?
I got married in Nov 2008. My wife’s elder sister’s residence and my residence is in a same place. I had some mistrust against my wife character, that she was must ****** by another person before our marriage and he had a love story on physical relation.
I had 5 times asked to my wife to tell me her any past physical relation. But she always refused and always says with a great confidence as well as takes my OATH that she is pure virgin and made for me and I am the first person in her life.
Some days ago, one of my younger sister said her my previous (before marriage) relationship with a girl in wittily sense. Then my wife asks me about my previous relation. Then I told her I will tell you, but you also have to tell me about your previous sex relation. After a little request, she was agree to open her sex story with this commitment of my story first.
Then I told her that I had sex with 3 girls before our marriage a lot of. Then she tells me that her brother-in-law’s brother had sex with her 5-6 time 4 year ago, as per my wife. I don’t know how many time she had sex with him. Then I asked her to tell another person, and then she refused. Then I asked why have you done? Then She says that some years ago her parents and her elder sister want to marry with her brother-in-law’ brother. So, in a good impression of this guy, she had sex with him. After one year of this incident, She told her parents that she will not marry with him, because now he begun to drink wine. So my wife begun to hate him and refuse to marry with him.
I love my wife so much. I should never ask such type of questions, but she started first and told when I told. I love her so much and believe her. But she broke my believe. And now, how can I believe her. How can I justify in front of her brother-in-law’s brother, who live in front of me.
I want to take an important action against her or my self. What should I do? Please must help me for my marriage life.
If you want advice I advise you to get over it. What back dated times are you people living in?

If you loved your wife before this conversation you should continue to love her now. It does not change her as a person and it does not chamge her love for you.
Family woes, what is right?
For Thanksgiving, we spent the dinner with my family.
My father's new wife was drunk and dancing with my uncle and his new gf. The rest of the family was trying to converse. I couldn't hear above the loud music, so I turned it down a few decibels (5 to be exact). My drunken uncle was upset, stating, "This is a party, turn it up" And I said, "yeah but I can't even hear the person next to me" his reply, "Too bad" and we argued...it got heated, he started yelling and then my father stood up and two brothers were yelling. My uncle gets up and leaves. My father's drunken wife gets up to go too, only no one was going to take her. Then my father and brother start in on me, that I always ruin everything, that I had no right to lower the music and ruin the party...
I admit that when I am upset I do speak my mind, not in a disrespectful way, but I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I try to resolve tension, but I am also the one people come to to resolve tension between family....so what is right? Everyone is outraged, and I am just hurt that my father and brother spoke to me that way, not even upset that my belligerent uncle yelled at me to get the **** out of my fathers house because I lowered the volume on the music. What is right? I am not speaking to my father, let alone his idiot wife who could not even understand what the fight was about since her English is minimal but sits there staring at me with her dirty looks. What is right? What should I do, my heart is cracked, my father never respects me as an adult, and much less a woman.
Do you want to have a popularity contest with a bunch of drunks? What did you expect to happen? Next time, do not go to their party. Have your own. And you can control the volume of your own music. If alcohol is going to dictate how your relatives act, then stay away from them when they are drinking. If you don't like what you are doing, then stop doing it.
Ex wife wont get over me?
My soon to be ex wife cheated on me back in October. She got drunk crashed my car and she called home to tell what she had done. during the conversation we started yelling cause she was drunk and then she says thats ok cause i'm *****&% mike and he fuc*% better then you. so I said ya but hows the car? well I stayed with her for a few days but I noticed this guy Mike kept calling her cell phone. Then one day she told me I had to get out and she wasnt going to let me see my son anymore. Now 9 months later she is begging for me back and she is pissed cause I am finally getting the divorce. She cheated on me and tried to keep my son from me why the hell wont her psycho *** get over me
She made a mistake and it cost her and now instead of dealing with the consequences, she wants to blame the whole thing on you as if you were responsible. By making you the bad guy, she's trying to appease her own feelings of guilt for the irresponsible choices she made.

Don't let her manipulate your feelings. Divorce her and do your best to main control. Don't let her control you.
My wife's affair with a married man?
Back in January 2010, I found out that my wife had a drunken one night stand with a married man. Wife said he took advantage of her being drunk and confided in her, but I realize that is never an excuse. I found out about the affair after finding a receipt for the PLAN B birth control pill left on a counter shelf.
I accidentally found out this guy has a FACEBOOK account and I don;t think he realizes I know about it. I don't want to confront him because I am not fond of handcuffs (or) going to jail.
This guy is married and has a small daughter and I doubt his wife knows about it too.
My wife had/has nothing to do with the guy ever since January. We nearly got divorced and are now in therapy.
Should I send him a FACEBOOK message letting this guy I know who he is and what he did?.
He thinks that he is cool and probably had a (free ****.) I am hoping that if I send him a message with the details that his wife will read it also.
I want revenge but not of the physical kind. Is this a good idea on my part?
Wow, I am in the exact situation as you are except instead of last January my wife's extra-curricular activities happened last October and I found out in August (the whole truth).

I also found the other man on Facebook and also had thoughts of contacting his wife. My initial feeling is I wish someone would have let me know. After doing a ton of reading I am now of the belief that his issues are between him and his wife. My issues are between my wife and I. I thought the one comment about transferring blame from your wife to the other guy really hit home with me. As much as it helps release some frustration it still doesn't fix what is going on between my wife and I.

Thanks for the question and thanks for everyone's answers. You are not the only one out there going through this.
Dream interpretation - i dreamt my wife was leaving me?
Im married 11 years with 2 guys - i had this disturbing dream a week ago

my guys were nowhere a part of my life in this dream. My wife, i & a third person (someone familiar) have been living together in some kind of mutual arrangement for some material purpose for 11 years.

Now 11 years are up, & tomorow all 3 of us have to part ways & never come back. My wife - is not my wife in this dream - shes just a frend for a purpose, & she is very happy that she is starting a new life

We 3 have been good friends & are sitting for the last time sharing a drink and they 2 appear very happy. Then my wife says - " so funny, within 24 hrs we 3 will be apart, in 3 diferent continents & we will never see each other again, life is so funny ... ha ha ha

i am miserable because she is going away, but nobody seems to care. Recently (in this dream) i have married another woman whos chatting me up - and i hate her. But my wife couldnt care less

What the **** does this dream mean ?
Do you have any feelings in your waking life that your wife is growing away from you? Does she have some new interest/hobby/work/classes that are outside the home or that you aren't directly involved with and that she finds very interesting or rewarding?

Often in that case, the other spouse starts feeling left behind or worries the other will lose interest in him or her, or worse, fall out of love with them.

The dream could be your subconscious mind actually taking you through a scenario that triggers stressful feelings you might be supressing and forces you to get them out or deal with them in the dream.
I slept with my brother's wife?
Okay....how it all began...One day my Brother's wife called up. Crying histerical (We've been friends for 5 years)about how she is getting Evicted from the apartment with her guys and she told me my brother has been in jail for about one week tho he might be staying in their for a month. So i headed to the apartment to make sure she doesn't attempt to commit suicide like the other times she has before. So when i got their, she already has had 2 bottles of wine and she was drunk out her mind and she confessed to me about my brother cheating on her 9 times over the years they were married and how she got raped by him 3 months ago, he also went to jail for alchohol. So i stayed for about 5 mins to comfort her. Then i freaked out and left home that first night.

The next day she picked up the U-haul truck so i can help pack her stuff up, since she had 24 hours to get out of the apartment, She had to go into a shelter with her three guys. since she had no where else to go. My brother's rent was overdue by 2,300 dollars. She told me that she's been giving him half the rent money and didn't know where he was spending it at. So after that "Housing" found a temporary home for her and the guys to stay at for the time being until they get a home, Later that night, she texted me and asked me to come over. We talked for about an hour and we kissed in mid conversation.

Then we had sex that night. Thats when things went down hill from there. real down hill. She grew feelings for me. My brother got out of jail and the 2nd day he found out and had a nervous break down. My family found out and now dissapointed at me and now my brother and his wife are getting a divorce because of my **** up and thats not even a quater of the damn issues...

Anyways, Throughout the 5 years i told her that he will change, he will become a better man. just give it time. I don't know how i ended up betraying my brother like this. i love him so much and now he sees me like a stranger. Everything is just moving so damn fast that i can't process it. I don't know how to fix this problem. All i can do is leave it the hell alone and give it time to cooldown. Well any advice or suggestions (even the negative) ones would help. Also if anyone needs additional information i'll post.
Well you can't blame yourself for the divorce because that was bound to happen. Yes, now your brother can use that as an excuse and say that it was because you slept with his wife. You all know that there was more there before that. Anyway, yes what you did is so wrong. You seem to regret it and you feel really bad about it though. That's good. You need to let them do their thing, and let them get a divorce or whatever it is that they're going to do. When things cool down talk to your brother and tell him how sorry you are. Maybe in the future he can forgive you. You can't really fix anything right now. The damage is done. You should just stay away for a while and then talk to your brother when he has figured out what he's going to do.

PS. To the people who said that a husband can't rape, well that's pretty stupid. Rape means having sex with a person without their consent, and I'm pretty sure a husband is capable of doing that.
Why my ex-wife wants to be open book for our relationship and his past relationship to everybody ?
Even her first husband she badmouthed him to me and she tells co-worker and friend and her family if we have a fight even thouh it is her mistake ..she makes me feel i'm the bad one who created all the problems...that;s why her parents and sisters are mad to me..and when i cool off for 2 weeks she cheated on me by bringing man to our house she just met by hanging around with her friends....it devastated me but i forgave her and we make-up and then when we are into a fight again i left her again for 2 weeks and she cheated me again ...this time it's the brother of the one she screwd....i file for divorced and she cannot accept it...and when we met she took me to a ride in the backroad(coz she is a country girl) and she is a little bit drunk and told me to kneel on my feet and beg for her and say sorry to her that I'm the one who **** up her life..and her guys life(i met her she got 3 guys already from previous marriage) or get out of her truck and find my way home.To tell you the truth i don't know where i'm at that very moment and it is midnight so i chose to get out of his truck and walk back home.I didn't tell you that my ex-wife has a high temper and hit me in the face in numerous occassion..i didn't hit her back because i don't want trouble with the law..i just leave..that is one reason why i cannot stay with her..i love her...but she is assaultive and a cheater. Lastly, i check on her on her house and found another man 43 years old she is 34 .This man call the police on me and my ex-wife file criminal trespass on me..the police told me to move on and she's not worth loving for. i cannot believe she will file charges on me ..while she cannot file charges for this man for phone harrassment..this man she's with now is working also where she works..by the way my ex-wife is a nurse and she's telling me this guy have herpes..and she's with this guy? I forgot to tell you all that after the divorce we have still a bed relationship. I just regret i married this woman ..who act like a whore. Any opinion out there? I want to move -on but still the memories are fresh and it hurts me so damn good.
hon you need intensive therapy if you have one bone in your body that doesn't want to leave this woman and forget her.....

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