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All Comments

How might a gentleman call attention to an exposed nipple?
IF a woman suggests to a man "XYZ" ( Code for examine your zipper); how should a gentleman call attention to a woman to gently tell her that her nipple is exposed?
Say "Psst. Check your shirt/top/bathing suit/whatever." I would want to know.
Is it legal in CALIFORNIA to give a breast massage with the breast fully exposed [nipple and areola]?
In school my teacher told me that the nipples and areola should never be exposed BUT I recently got hired and exchanged massages with another therapist and he was going to give me a "breast massage" with the breast exposed. [so uncomfortable] I just want to know if its legal.
Technically because this was not a therapeutic massage and was done between friends or colleagues then the normal rules do not apply. You could have easily exchanged sensual or erotic massages and the law would not have had much bearing. The guys sounds like a snake in the grass who knew the technicality of the legal guidelines and used them so he could feel you up.

While I have(as an unlicensed hobbyist) massaged many breasts, nipples, and even more intimate areas, with friends, I have never done so on an uninformed and/or unwilling subject, nor would I. To me it was completely ethically bankrupt for him to do what he did without you realizing what was going to happen. I think you should have a talk with the boss and have him fired before he does such a thing to a client.

Also I think you bear some responsibility. You have every right to insist on certain standards and to end any activity you find uncomfortable. Why you did not seems odd. "I am not comfortable with this", is enough to end such an activity in most cases. If you had expresses discomfort or unwillingness to continue and he forced you to continue then you would be on solid grounds for sexual assault.
Did you read the news about the exposed nipple behind Italy PM Berlusconi?
Probably, because this is a question about current news and not what veggies you had for dinner, means very few will even read it. However if did, don't you think why is this even an issue? He has been up for corruption more then Al Capone and all the American Mafia put together. Surely he shouldn't even be PM in the first place?
Yes I did. I think he is so vein. He thinks people will concentrate on that instead of him so he had it covered up.
Why did America spaz out so much when Janet Jackson's nipple was exposed at that half time show?

You couldn't even see it.

Why did people react as if a nuclear bomb was heading towards our continent?
I agree, there was no place for it at a generally watched event, but COME ON!!!!!!!!
I don't recall the public reaction being quite as pronounced as you state, but it was a little over the top. I think it had to do with the setting (Super Bowl of all places) and no one was expecting it. I also feel that many people felt the whole thing was a premeditated event. Looking back on it, I also think it was planned to happen just that way.
This might have had much less impact had it happened at say the Grammy awards. But the Super Bowl has a significant number of young people (adolescent) viewing, and many feel it's not the place for topless entertainment.
Is it right to allow death threats but to fine CBS for a million because of a partially exposed nipple?
Why wasn't O'Reilly fined for his threat against the life of Michael Moore?

"Well, I want to kill Michael Moore. Is that all right? All right. And I don't believe in capital punishment. That's just a joke on Moore." a quote from Bill O'Reilly

He made his threat the night after Janet Jackson exposed her breast at the Super Bowl.

CBS was fined over half a million dollars.

I'd personally rather peak at a nipple than be exposed to a death threat disguised as a joke.
That happened more than six years ago. Why have you suddenly become upset? Have you been in a coma?
Was Paula Abdul's Breast aka Nipple Exposed Last Night On American Idol (3-11-09)?
I noticed it when Ryan Seacrest was talking to Adam Lambert and telling him that he was safe and they cut to Paula and it looks like her nipple was exposed.
Who Cares.
Why is it that women can have 90% of their breasts showing as long as the nipples are not exposed,they are OK?
I see women out in public, even in the grocery stores with low cut, revealing tops, 4 buttons open, and everything is showing except the nipples. Why is this OK but they are in trouble as soon as a nipple shows?
I have no idea, but i don't find any of it suitable, I think it's wrong when someone breastfeeds with all of their boob showing in public, and i'm a mum.
Shelf bras that leave the nipples exposed?
Have you ever worn one? If you have what was the reason you did?
yes, once.
they are uncomfortable.
I played a stripper in a live theatre production. The guys loved it and the women were appalled
I really did look pretty terrific.
Is there a difference between the male and female nipple?
If there isn't then why can men expose their nipples but women can't?
The nipples form early in embryonic development; then the hormones kick in that make you develop as male or female. The female nipples continue to develop; the males do not. The male nipple doesn't lactate (or at least not much); the female nipple can produce enough milk to feed guyren for years. Whether or not men and / or women can or can not expose their nipples is a matter of local mores.

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