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What type of woman does an ebony man prefer?
Debating with a friend......., now I know that you see a lot ebony white couples in the media but I think in everyday life, that Ebony men prefer the more curvy latinas.

Any opinion?
i would say naturally it would be ebony women.
also different strokes for different folks. its depends on the individuals preference.
Would any ebony women like to have an online relationship with a white guy?
Ok im 16 6 foot 3 inches tall medium length light brown hair dark blue eyes 195 lbs. im looking for a nice ebony woman to have an online relationship with im very nice and considerate i listen and try to help whenever i can. i'm easy going and fun loving so if any ebony woman would like to let me know
lmao...dude arent there any where you live??
Who is the hot hot ebony woman in the olay ad for the face wash ,she got super blue eyes?
i'm in love what her name???????? and where is she from...
I don't know!!sorry I can't help!! ;)
Would you say that ebony women maintain their looks better as they age, compared to ivory women?
I think this is true; there are a lot of ebony goddesses who are in their late 40's and their 50's, and still look really good.

Most ivory-hued women have fallen apart by that point.

What nationalities of ebony goddesses hold up the very best, though? Nigerians? Nubian East African? Sahelian? Ethiopique women? Somalis? Amerindian women of the types you see in Brazil or the Caribbean?
Its true, darker skin tones have more pigmentation as well as the tendency to produce more sebum (oils). Meaning, we may break out due to our oiler skin, but with more natural UV and sun protection with our melanin, as well as are consistent moisture, darker women get wrinkles later and alot less!

Like the saying - "black don't crack!"

My mother is in her early 40's and people consistently mistaken us for sisters! Its quite annoying, but its true, she looks well younger than she really is.
Would people relate it to porn if Black women were referred to as "ebony women" instead?
I like being called Ebony better than Black because it just sounds different and more exciting imo, but when people look up ebony, its usually related to more sexual stuff. Thats weird, but why can't people just call us ebony all the time? Is there a way to get people to change it from "Black women" to "Ebony women" as a society thing? lol That'd be cool I think.
Don't think so; but it makes no sense. You're Black; I'm White, some are Yellow, some are Red and some are Mixed.

If they started calling Black people "Ebony" then they'd probably start calling White people "Ivory". Makes no sense to change what isn't broken.
Why are Ebony women jealous of me and my Asian girlfriend?
Everytime we go to the clubs we get these jealous stares from them.
Ignore them.
What is a good Free site for Dating Ebony Women?
Are there any Free Ebony Dating Websites?
A great Free site for Dating Ebony Women is:

Blackpersy.com - www.blackpersy.com
What do you make of this ? my man loves to have sex with pregnant women [ Ebony] that is !?
My man bill loves women and trannys he loves to do a tranny to complete [oral ] He also enjoys loving [ ebony ] PREGNANT WOMEN. Even though he is a bachelor with a vasectomy and he does not like guys or want a family. What is the meaning of all this ? I wonder why a pregnant women is a turn on to him ?
Fetish, into freaky stuff.Why do you ask this or even more curious why do you stay with him since you are asking this?
Why are black women called ''Ebony women'' In Porn?
I notice they are only called ''Ebony women'' in porn,... Why?
Color comparison to the wood of that name..

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